About this blog

What do you do?

What a strange question, yet we ask it almost every time we meet someone new.

What I do for business is simple enough: I think, write, and talk endlessly about developing and using new technologies, mostly software for data analysis. And I am lucky enough to work in an astounding team dedicated to such technology.

What I do is think, write, and endlessly talk about peace, landscape, poetry, art, music, photography, the mind, nature, and anything else that takes my restless fancy.

My writing about technology is meaningless without the rest. I hope that this blog may help to make a little more sense of it all. If not for you the reader, then for me the writer.

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In peace

Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer is the Vice President of Innovation and Design for Qlik. However, please do not mistake anything I write here for an official statement of Qlik. The corporation, wisely, would probably not say what I say. Even if they would, they are likely too sensible to say it in quite the way I do.